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Eric Horner at Bethel BC April 30

Nashville Christian Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter and performer will swing through North Caroline for the National Day of Prayer, May 4 in Elizabeth City, and will be at Knotts Island Baptist Church 10 AM April 30, and at Bethel Baptist Church, 794  Burnt Mill Road, Hertford at  6 PM>

Burgess Baptst and Bethel are co-hosting Eric, to give him a larger stage to sing from, and introduce him to a new congregation.

Eric toured ten years with Lee Greenwood during the "God Bless the USA" days, and worked with many other well known artist.

The Service is free and open tot he public, with refreshments and fellowship followibg the service.

We have just completed the Gospel of Mark, and will be beginning a new book study in May.
Thanks to Pastor Don O'Dey for filling in for Pastor Bill so he could attend his Virginia Wesleyan University reunion in April.

Charles Spurgeon remarked that Israel rejected the offer of peace from the Prince of Peace, and the sword has never left them, but they have been under the ravages of war from that time since.
Join us as we celebrate Jesus.
Eric singing at Hertford Baptist Church last December, bringing Memories of past Family Christmases.
Eric is a firend to the US Military and small local churches.


Franklin Graham to preach at Chowan Fairgrounds May 7 at 4 PM

The Message is all about Jesus

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is sponsoring Billy's son Franklin Graham at the Regional Fairgrounds where the Chowan Country Fair is held.

Bring lawn chairs and appropriate clothing, or layering for unexpected weather changes.

Be praying for Revival.

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"In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth..."

Remember those who gave their lives to secure and guarantee America's freedoms we enjoy.

God Bless and Protect our men and women of our Armed Forces.

We need to be in constant prayer for our country, those affected by the Carona Virus, our leaders for wisdom to make good decisions, and unity for America.

Extreme violence has broken out throughout our country.  Many are using  a pretext to pillage and destroy, as well as injure and murder many police officers and innocent protesters.

This is turning away from the things that made America the great nation it is.  Please be in prayer for Divine guidance, justice, peace, and healing for America.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD."

Pray America will return to following The Lord Jesus.



Missing Member Tribute to Betty Lou Griffin by the Perquimans County Senior Choir on January 24 at Oak Grove UMC.

Everyone needs a Quiet Place

Perquimans River in winter.

Streets of Gold Gospel was February's Singspiration Group

Streets of Gold Gospel Quartet is our February Worship Group from Eastern Virginia.  They are a premier group with the Tidewater Gospel Music Association, and are quite busy leading worship services in Virginia and Northeast North Carolina.  Thank you Streets of Gold for a great evening of worship.
Below are some photos from Pastor's Thanksgiving in November.

Bible Teachers at Burgess Baptist Church

Foggy Sunrise on the Perquimans River displays the beauty of the Lord's Creation. 
"The heavens declare the gory of God, and the firmament showeth forth His handiwork."
Bobby and Audrey Jo Holland celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary June 7, by renewing their wedding vows  in Alabama.  Please keep them both in prayer for various medical issues.
Brother Bill Thorn & Brother Donald Ayscue - Bible Teachers

Live Stream on Facebook is still going on.  Donald Ayscue teaching a great Sunday School Lesson at 10 AM Sunday Morning, and Brother Bill bringing the Sunday Sermon at 11 AM  

Both the Bible Study at 10 AM and Wednesday Discipleship Studies are covering the Creation account found in the Bible.

Discipleship Study at 6 PM Wednesday

"The heavens declare the Glory of God, and the firmament shows forth His handiwork."

Latest News/Activity
Burgess Baptist Church has enjoyed a great year in 2022.  The Lord has been so gracious and faithful even in the face of struggles.
Be praying the Lord will guide us in 2023 to be more faithful and effective for Him and His Kingdom.

Prayer for several church members with significant health issues.

Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of His children as we have had a blessed year financially.

We are sill trying to get estimates for a Handicap Bathroom, but are not getting input back from contractors.

This Week's Sermon

"Give Thanks, for the LORD is good."

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