Betrayal - Matthew 26

Betrayal – Matthew 26 Sermon Notes - Please open your Bible to the verse referenced, then view sermon notes.

1. Finished all the sayings accusing and condemning all the religious leaders, scribes, lawyers and teachers for perverting the truth about the Kingdom of God and about His King.Jesus concludes His ministry as prophet, comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable. He tells who God feels about the religious and civil leaders of His people. He will now enter into His ministry as High Priest. He will bring the sacrifice acceptable and precious, and present it to the Father in voluntary obedience to the Father's will.

Christ witnesses by his going to death voluntarily, that he will make full satisfaction for the sin of Adam by his obedience. Geneva.

2. You did they know? Jesus told them, all the prophets gave warning this would happen.

Feast of the passover, evening meal celebrating God's deliverance of the firstborn of men and animals in Egypt, that led to Israel's freedom. This whole time could be called "The Passover" or "Feast of Unleaven Bread" meaning the whole eight days involved.

On the 10th of their first month Abib (April) a lamb of the first year was shut up and slain on the 14th, this was the Passover Lamb that prefigured the sacrifice the Messiah would mike. The blood from that first Passover lamb was put on the door posts and lintel of the Jewish houses in Egypt, so when the death angel came by and saw the blood of the lamb, in obedience to the Word of God, he passed over taking the firstborn children of that household.

The next day began the observance of Unleavened bread that lasted seven days. Leaven is like yeast or baking powder that caused the dough to puff it and be fluffy and light. It is a symbol of sin, the pride that puffeth up. This was to remind them of the sudden deliverance in Egypt where there was not time to add leaven to their bread for their exit was so quick. The spiritual significance is that to be saved, we must trust in the blood of the Lamb of God, and when we are under the blood, we are saved; forgiven of our sin.

Once under the blood and forgiven of our sin, we are to continue in our life leaving the leaven of sin behind and life pure and holy lives before the Lord.The Son of Man is a Messianic Title, will be betrayed to be crucified, signifying what type of death He would face, and betrayal by a close friend as Psalm 55 reveals.

V-3 Then after hearing Jesus accusations and condemnations, they assembled together against the Lord and His anointed. All the leaders and elders took part in rejecting the Savior. Hence the rejection of Israel from Kingdom plans.The priests and scribes were part of the religious leadership and the leaders were the civil leaders.

Caiaphas was the one appointed by the Romans, who prophesied it is better for one to die for the people, and was rejecting God's witness of Jesus.

V-4 They make plans to arrest Jesus away from all the people, lest they come to His aid. They wanted Him dead! They rejected the message and planned to murder the Messenger.

V-5 They had their timetable, but it is not God's timetable. Jesus repeatedly told people His time had not yet come, but to fulfill Scripture and for Jesus to be offered at the time of the evening sacrifice when the sacrificial lambs would be slain for the sin of the people, was exactly when Jesus would die. They were afraid of a riot by the people in Jesus' favor. The people were very volatile capable of erupting into a violent riot over a seemingly small matter.

V-6 Jesus was at Bethany, two miles or less from Jerusalem, since Jesus had proclaimed their house was left unto them desolate.Simon the leper may have been Lazarus, Martha, and Mary's father. Apparently this was the leper that told Jesus that If He would, He could make him whole. Jesus did. No one would have gone to a house with active leprosy to eat a meal, for the possibility of becoming contaminated and leprous.

V-7 A woman, most agree this was Mary, sister of Lazarus or Mary Magdalene whom Jesus cast out seven demons. Pure nard, a very expensive resinous perfume as a way to honor the Master.

V-8 Which disciples? We know Judas Iscariot was a thief and wanted to get his hands on that amount of money which the ointment was worth.

V-9 Might have been sold to help the poor, a facade to mask thievery.

V-9 Might have been sold to help the poor, a facade to mask thievery.

V-11 You always have opportunity to help the poor, but I am with you only a short time.

V-12 She may have been the only one who understood and believed Jesus saying he was about to be crucified. She did it for my burial. His burial would have to be so rapid, there would be no time for anointing. Once again confirming He was about to die. 13. Where ever in the world people hear the good news about Me, they will also hear about what she has done for me.This deed was considered to be an extravagant expression of love and concern.

V-14 Then one of the twelve initiated the betrayal. If he can't get the money out of the bag, he will get it from Jesus' enemies. The devil has incited Judas to betray.

V-15 What will you give to me? They gave him the amount that would have been spent to purchase a common slave. They either agreed to the deal or actually gave him the money. It turned his heart.

V-16 From that point in time Judas sought a fitting time and place to deliver Jesus to His enemies without starting an uproar with the people who believed Him to be a prophet, if not the Messiah; but surely at the least a man of God.

17. The feast of unleavened bread was coupled with Passover, since all leaven was evicted from the house before Passover was eaten. The next seven days were the days of Unleavened Bread, so the whole time which included Passover and Unleavened bread was called the feast of unleavened bread.The significance is that the Passover required the killing of the Lamb set apart on the 10th of the month, occurred on the 14th and eaten after sunset that was the beginning of the 15th. Once the blood of the lamb was put on the doorposts and lintel of the house, the death angel would see the blood and passover the firstborn in that house. After we have been cleaned of our sin (leaven) by the blood of the Lamb, we are to continue to live free from sin (leaven) the rest of the week. Where will we prepare for You to eat the Passover? Jesus was always in control and they properly looked to Jesus for directions.

18. My time is at hand, for Jesus will soon go to the cross. Other gospel accounts told them to follow a man carrying a pitcher of water in the middle of the day, and the house he goes in to, tell that man who probably knew and supported Jesus and offered his upper room for the Passover.

19. They made the proper preparations.20. When sunset came, it was time to sit down with His disciples.20. When sunset came, it was time to sit down with His disciples.

22. They were sorrowful knowing He would be betrayed, and that any one of them were capable of betraying Him. They had no idea what that betrayal He spoke of would be.23. He who dips in the dish with him shall betray Him. It was an honor to dip with the host in the meal, which would make the act more (offensive) reprehensible.

24. The Son of Man, Jesus, will fulfill everything that was recorded in Scripture. For the one who betrays Him, it would have been if that man had not been born. The end of that man would be terrible.

25. Judas also asked Jesus, "Is it I?" or "am I the one." Jesus told him, you said it, you are right, you are the one.

26. Now Jesus transforms the Passover, since it is fulfilled in His blood that would be shed in a few hours.

At the Passover there were several cups. They had taken the first two, and now the third is made to have special significance. Before the cup of blessing, he takes the pure unleavened bread, blesses it and brakes it to give to the disciples saying, "take, eat,; this is My body." This will be a symbol of My body which will be broken, as part of the payment for the sins of the world.

27. This cup of blessing, represented the blood Jesus would shed on the cross, to be a blessing to all who would come by faith to Him.All of you drink of this, to identify with the purpose of His sacrifice. shedding His blood for our sin.

28. Jesus identifies this symbol of being of His blood, which is shed for the new covenant God makes with all mankind, through faith in Jesus' sacrifice on the cross.It is shed for many, not all. Why not all? Because many are called, but few are chosen. All are invited, but few choose to accept the call to come by faith and follow Jesus. To surrender to Him, and allow Him to control and change us.For the remission of sins, just like cancer that still has its roots in the body of a person, but when it remission, it no longer has control or is no longer taking the life giving control of our life away from us. Sin has already infected the body of every person, but it does not have to control over us, if we surrender to Jesus and walk in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit.

29. The final cup is the cup of joy, after this point the participants in the Passover would sing the Hallel psalms or praise psalms to the Lord for His deliverance.Jesus was facing His hour, the hour of His suffering and death, and hence would not drink of the cup of joy again until He drinks it new in the Father's Kingdom. After His resurrection, Jesus could enter into His joy of seeing men and women, boys and girls saved through their faith in His sacrificed body and blood on the cross of Calvary.He was facing the greatest torment; physical abuse, rejection by those He came to save, and separation from His Father because He became sin for us: and death on the cross.

30. The Hallel psalms would be sung after the Passover meal. They left the city, over the Kidron valley into the mount of Olives.

31. Now Jesus warns all the disciples they will abandon and deny Him. Jesus reminds them of the Scripture which says that God will smite the Shepherd, and the sheep of the flock scattered. He tells of His impending death that would soon happen.

32. Jesus again tells them He will rise, and lead them into Galilee. Most of His predictions of His death was followed by the fact of His resurrection. As His death was sure, they should have known His resurrection would also be sure.

33. Rocky speaks up, Peter says even though everyone else shall stumble because of You, but He never will. He even says he will die for Him.

34. Jesus tells Peter that before the cock crows, you will deny me three times.How often have we denied the Lord? We deny Him when we fail to live for Him, or fail to honor Him with our life. We deny Him when we do not show His love to others, or tell them about the Savior.

35. Peter says he will die for the Master and never deny Him. Jesus does not ask us to die physically for Him, but He does require us to die to ourself, take up His cross and follow Him.

36. They come to Gethsemane, (place of the Oil Press) and Jesus sets a group near the gate to watch and shield Him from being disturbed while doing business with His Father. He will go further in the garden and pray.

37. He takes Peter, James and John; His three closest followers and begins to experience great sorrow and heaviness.38. My sould is exceedingly sorrowful beyond anything anyone has ever experienced, it oppresses My like death.You stay here with Me, and watch with me. Why did Jesus choose to take the three with Him? He wanted them to be near, but the Bible also says by two or three witnesses a thing is established, so they were to be witness to His anguish and suffering.

39. Jesus walked a little further, and fell down and prayed with soulful earnestness.Jesus did not want to go to the cross, but He was willing to do the Father's will.We see His submission to the Father as He prays, not My will, but thy will be done.40. He comes back to Peter, James, and John and find them sleeping. This one who said he would never fall away is sleeping. Could you not keep watch with Me for one hour? Could you not do this one simple thing for Me?

41. Jesus tells them to watch and pray, that they not enter into temptation. The temptation would come in a few hours to fall away, and they would fail the test.The spirit of these men are willing to please and honor the Lord, but the flesh is weak. The spirit of a man desire to do right and be acceptable and pleasing to God, but in our own flesh, this is not possible.All the more reason we need to watch, study the Word, and pray.

42. Jesus went away and prayed the same thing, committing Himself to doing the Father's will.

43. Coming back Jesus found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy.The final days of ministry were so hectic, there were times they did not have opportunity to eat, and with all the confrontations of the past few days, they could not keep their eyes open.

44. Jesus returns for the third time and prays the same way.

45. Jesus comes to His disciples and says His hour is at hand, for the Son of Man is being betrayed into hands of sinners.

46. Arise, we must go for My betrayer has come.47. Judas Iscariot brings a multitude of armed guards along with the religious and civil leaders of the nation.

48. The Bible says that the Messiah would not be remarkable, that anyone would want Him, so Judas gave them the sign that the One his gave a greeting kiss was the One to arrest.

49. Judas comes and kissed Jesus.

50. Jesus called him "Friend" why have you come, and they took Jesus to arrest Him.

51. One with Jesus, Peter took His fisherman's knife and cut off the ear of the High Priest's servant, Malchus. Peter has good intention, but very bad judgment since there may have been from 60 to 600 soldiers to arrest Jesus.

52. Jesus tells Peter to put up His sword, all who live by the sword die by the sword. Jesus kingdom is a kingdom of peace.

53. I could pray to My Father and have more than twelve legions, 72,000 angels immediately. Jesus was not a victim, but always in control of everything going on around Him. We do not have to protect or defend Jesus, He wants us to live for Him, in His power and might.

54. If the angels came and delivered Jesus, how would all that was written of the Messiah, the suffering Servant be fulfilled. It had to happen this way.

55. Jesus turns His attention to His tormentors and condemned them for coming after Him as He was a thief. They did nothing while He peaceably taught in the temple.

56. All this is to fulfill the Scriptures that prophecied about Him.After these saying, all the disciples ran away. They saw their Master voluntarily surrendering to the armed mob, and they saturated the place with their absence out of fear for their own lives.

57. They bound Jesus, and arrested Him at night; two violations of Jewish law.They took Him to the house of Caiaphas and the scribes and elders were assembled to hold a court hearing, also a violation of Jewish law to hold a hearing at night when witnesses for the defense would not be available.

58. Peter, still followed at a distance to the high priest's palace and he went in and sat with the servants gathered outside to see the end. At this point the idea that Jesus' life was in jeopardy.

59. The leaders there were seeking false witnesses. What kind of judges are they that seek false witnesses instead of the truth. But it would take a lie to condemn Him to death. 60. They could find no two that could agree to anything they could bring the death penalty. Finally they found two false witnesses to agree.

61. Jesus said He was able to destroy the temple, and build it in three days. The error is the temple in Jerusalem was not what He was speaking about. He was speaking about His own body.

62. After all the false accusations, the high priest stands and says to Jesus, You do not answer all the charges against you?

63. Jesus remained silent, so the high priests puts Jesus under oath, (another illegal move to testify against Himself) and ask Him to tell them if He is the Christ, the Son of God. Finally a true question is asked, but the truth was not wanted.

64. Jesus' simple answer, You are right in what you said, but hereafter you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. They will see Jesus sitting at the right hand of the Father, and from their place of torment they will see Him returning to earth with the clouds of heaven.

65. The high priest tore his priestly garments, which was not legal for him to do, except in the event of extreme blasphemy.You have heard the blasphemy from His own mouth, what is your verdict of this blasphemy?

66. What is your verdict? He is guilty of the death penalty. Again, violation of the law, no defense advocate, no defense witnesses, trial at night, trial by a selected group prejudiced against Him, as had the penalty before they had the charges.

67. They began to abuse the prisoner by spitting in His face, a great insult and defilement.They slapped him, and punched Him with His eyes covered taunting Him to;

68. Prophesy to us, you Christ, who hit you? They were taunting and mocking Him.

69. Now Peter is confronted by two young women about being a companion of Jesus. He denied it, finally with cursing that he did not know the man.

73. A little later they said to Peter, you must be on of them that follow Jesus, for your speech betrays you (you have a Galilean accent)

74. He curses and swears I do not know the man. Immediately the rooster crew. Cockcrowing was between 3 and 6 am.

75. Peter remembered the Words of Jesus, and realized he had denied Jesus three times; and he ran out a wept bitterly. Why?Peter loved the Lord, and wanted to be a good witness, but he feared men. The fear of men bring a snare, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

WAT? How have we denied the Lord? When we fail to do what He has commanded us to do, or did what we know violates His Word, we have denied the Lord? Have we witnessed that we are His by following in obedience to be baptised after coming to faith in the Lord, we have denied Him.

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