Weekly Prayer Requests

Prayer requests as received during Sunday School, Morning Worship and Wednesday Evening Discipleship, Facebook & phone. 252-426-4062 Please a message.

This Week's Request

Brenda O'Dey - Leukemia

Don O'Dey

Family of Doris Spivey

Family of J.D. Caldwell

Monica Bunch & Family 

Sue Caldwell

Larry & Sandi Caffee

Delphine Madre 

Donald Madre - back

Phil Ryals

Jacki Harrell 

Shirley Gautier

Mike Hall

Joyce Hall 

Nathan Thorn

Michael Thorn

Bobby Holland

Audrey Jo Holland shoulder 

Reuben Harrell

Linda White

Tim White 

Terri Marsh - Fx Leg

Family of Sallie Lane

Ellen Harrell

Ollie Marsh - Hospice

Pat Jordan

Don & Brenda O'Dey

Joshua Copeland

Arthur Copeland

Eshrat Todd

Paul Thorn

Kim Thorn

Emily McCollum

Joan Lane

Myrtle Copeland

Cynthia McDade 

Duncan Lane 

Other Illness/Needs

Joshua Copeland 

Jackie Wylie

Michael Hall

Joyce Hall

Myrtle Copeland

Ivey Evans

Dorothy Riddick 


Church Family

Faithful service of the Lord's people!

We are still Free in America

Jesus Is Still Lord!

Keep praying for revival and righteousness in America.  It must begin with God's people.

Pray God will give Godly wisdom to America's leaders.

That God will use this pandemic to bring Spiritual renewal to the world.


Pray for the faithfulness of Pastors to preach he Word and stand for Biblical holiness in our society.

Spiritual Needs/Situations

Fellowship Baptist Church, Norfolk

Moireen Galland

Caleb and Dakota

Pastor Don & Nancy Carter

Eric, Casey, Kayla, Isaac Marsh

Fred Thorn

Doug & Terri Marsh

Richard Marsh

Paul, Kim, Emily Thorn

Hertford Baptist Church

Burgess Baptist Church

Knotts Island Baptist Church

Family Needs

COVID 19 Families

Unspoken Requests


God's Wisdom is foolishness  
to the world... (C) Hallelujah Pictures

Community/National/ International


COVID-19 Virus

America's Economy

Rioting and Shootings

Biden Administration

Unity in America

 Storms victims

Christian Persecution

Victims of ISIS attacks

America's Support of Israel

America's response to the Supreme Court Decisions regarding same sex marriages and abortion

All Services at BBC

Floods & Tornadoes

Illegal Immigrant Situation

President elect Biden & Family


2021 Congress - willingness to work together for the good of the country.

Court Decisions to be in keeping with God's Word


State Legislators

Local Commissioners

Law Enforcement Agencies

Public Safety Personnel

American Military

Leaders & Personnel

Home & Abroad

School Children & Teachers


LCPN of Thomas Road BC

Church Planting Burdens

Chris & Camille Faulkner & Family - Italy

Curtis Hyler & Jubilation

Eric & Debby Horner

The Taylors - Thailand

Martin & Carrie Chappell - Bangkok

George & Cheryl Gera - Guatemala

Francisco & Sara Smith - South America  

Rob & Debbie Roberts

Chowan Baptist Association


James Harrington CBA AM

Rick Via Worldwide Ministries

Bible Broadcasting Network

  Sunset over Perquimans River
(C) Hallelujah Pictures
To God Be The Glory!
Great Things He has Done!
Cemetery Cross Flag.jpg

God Bless Our Veterans