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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Perquimans County Senior Choir site.

The Choir was founded by Audrey Ayscue Morton and Peggy Winslow.

They saw this as a way to keep Senior citizens in Perquimans county engaged with doing what they love, and reaching out to those who were in a nursing or assisted living facility.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sing Christian music to and with others who enjoy music with a message.

There are times when seasonal songs and even parody music is shared to lighten another's burdens.

Our goal is to use our God-given gifts and talents to encourage others,


Membership is open to all persons that qualify to membership at the Perquimans County Senior Center.

There are no restrictions relative to race, gender, martial status, or creed.

This Choir primarily sings music associated with the Christian faith, without regard to denominations.

Title. Double click me.

The Choir usually practices the first Thursday of the month at the Senior Center Nutrition Center.

Visits to area nursing facilities usually occur on Thursdays, although special requests are received which occur on other days of the week,

Unless singing at the Center or immediate area, the Choir meets at the Center and transported to a restaurant and a dutch treat lunch preceeds singing.

Latest News6

First sing since Pandemic began, June 10 at Brian Center.  Well attended by Choir members and residents.  Had a great time singing and a visit from Grandma B​


Choir sang at Senior Choir  for Memorial Day Recognition Program.


Choir ID Badges in the Works

Working on photo IDs to insure safety of the Choir and residents at our facilities.

Plus it gives us pictures to introduce our Choir members on our web page.

This Month's Program

1st Thursday of the Month - Practice at Senior Center 1 PM

June 13th - 6 PM Sing Burgess Baptist Church

Dress Black & White

Choir accepting new members, show up at practice or at one of our sings, and join us.

Left, Becky White with Grandma "B".  Most residents love having a time with Grandma.
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